Why would you use a pendulum?

Why would you use a pendulum?

Dowsing and divination goes back thousands of years. We know for a fact the oldest pendulum ever discovered was found in an Egyptian shrine dedicated to the God of Science and Literature, Thoth. It was a metal pendulum point that likely had a leather rope attached so you can hold it (the rope had since disintegrated). But what is its purpose and how can we apply that to our lives in the modern age of 2024?

Data. We truly are in the age of information with its availability literally at the touch of a finger. But with this access to so much data comes a certain amount of misinformation and even sometimes disinformation. We know there are people whose goals are to change facts and skew information so that it fits their needs, usually for financial gain but sometimes for more nefarious reasons. Pendulums give us access to true and real information; there is no middleman, no filter, no interruptions. The source of this information is our own subconscious, which has an inherent connection to all that was, is and will be. Learning how to access this information can greatly benefit just about every aspect of our lives, anything from health and diet choices, finding a fulfilling career path, love and romance, finding lost objects, speaking with our ancestors… the list goes on.

Decisions. Left or right? Up or down? Soup or salad? Should I get a Toyota or a Lexus? Wait, aren’t they the same company… You get the idea. Indecisiveness can be a real pain; wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to know how you really feel about something? A way to figure out what choice would benefit you the most? Which direction to go, which person to be with, what dessert to have? That last one is super important ^_^ But for real, pendulums are a direct connection to our subconscious and a handy tool to keep in our pocket to help eliminate indecisiveness, for reasons big or small. Think of it as your own personal compass and it points to what we truly desire. Or quite literally to objects we desire, i.e. locating things we’ve misplaced. Somewhere in our brain, somewhere in our subconscious lies the memory of the last place we put down those car keys or your favorite crystal. Using a pendulum can help unlock that memory and lead us to that desired object.

Divination. Pendulums are an easy tool for communicating with our angels, higher selves, spirit guides or even our own subconscious. It’s easier to use than Tarot cards, the information comes quicker and I truly believe the information is more applicable to you and your situation as it is in this very moment. Tarot can be difficult; each card has a different meaning, and they can mean different things when placed by another card. You must memorize each of the 78 different cards, learn different spreads and learn the meaning of the placement in each spread. It’s a lot to learn! Not to mention, good luck getting a timeframe from Tarot. Learning how to use a pendulum is much easier, in their most basic forms there are only 2 answers; yes and no. We actually recommend programming your pendulum with 4 responses: yes, no, rephrase question and D.W.A. (Don’t Want Answer) which is something we aren’t meant to know. You can easily get timeframes with pendulums. You can easily locate objects or people using pendulums. There is no interpretation or hidden meanings with pendulums. In essence, the pendulum is your spiritual compass you can keep in your pocket and use for anything, anytime, anywhere.

We’ve covered a small aspect of why you would use pendulums but there are countless witherto’s and whyfor’s that come with pendulum dowsing. Generally speaking, you can use a pendulum to enhance just about every aspect of your life! Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will delve into the actual technique of dowsing and divination with a pendulum. Thanks for reading, hope the rest of your day is as awesome as you are!

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